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Florida is home to more large (first and second magnitude) springs than any other state in the nation. We happen to have a few nearby.

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park Website

Just 15 miles from Outback Springs RV Resort, this beautiful spring is named for Juan Ponce de León, who led the first Spanish expedition to Florida in 1513-as legend has it-in search of the "fountain of youth." Visitors might well regain their youth by taking a dip in the cool, clear waters of Ponce de Leon Springs where the water temperature remains a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The main spring is a convergence of two underground water flows, and produces 14 million gallons of water daily. Visitors can take a leisurely walk along two self-guided nature trails through a lush, hardwood forest and learn about the local ecology and wildlife. Rangers also conduct seasonal guided walks. Picnicking is a popular activity at the park; grills and pavilions are available. Anglers will enjoy fishing for catfish, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, and panfish.

Vortex Spring

Vortex Spring Website

Just 16 miles from Outback Springs RV Resort is the beautiful and lively Vortex Spring. Created by Doc & Ruth Dockery, Vortex Spring is home to the Red & White "Diver Down" Flag and is one of the largest diving facilities in the state of Florida.

Vortex Spring is recognized as one of the best and safest diving resorts in the country. This 420 acre playground produces approximately 28 million gallons of crystal "gin" clear water daily at a year round temperature of 68 degrees.

The property is packed with experiences for the entire family whether it be scuba diving with trained and certified instructors, exploring nature trails, or just taking a dip in the spring.

A mecca for diving, snorkeling, and swimming enthusiast alike, if you love the water this is the place for you.


Holmes Creek & Cypress Springs

Holmes Creek Website

Cypress Springs Website

Just 10 miles from Outback Springs RV Park, Cypress Springs - with its strong current, lush banks and deep sapphire waters - is one of the most beautiful springs in Northwest Florida. The spring discharges from two vents in the limestone boulders at the bottom of the spring pool. The diameter of the spring pool is approximately 150 feet and the maximum depth is 29 feet. A large surface boil is visible over both vents. The cool, clear water is a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The banks surrounding the pool are heavily vegetated with cypress and tupelo trees.

The Cypress Spring run enters Holmes Creek from the west, approximately .25 miles downstream from the head spring.

Because the land surrounding the spring is private property, the sole public access to the spring is by traveling up the spring run from Holmes Creek by boat, kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board.

Morrison Springs Park

Morrison Springs Park Website

A 23 mile drive from the  Outback Springs RV park is

Morrison Springs, one of the most popular diving spots in northwest Florida and well-known throughout the southeast. The large, sandy-bottomed spring is surrounded by a 161-acre park that is managed by Walton County.

Morrison Spring discharges an average of 48 million gallons of crystal-clear water each day to create a 250-foot-diameter spring pool and a spring run that flows into the Choctawhatchee River.

There are 3 cavities reported at the bottom of the

spring pool, 1 of which is 300 feet deep. The spring is

popular not only for scuba diving but also for swimming

and snorkeling.  The natural floodplain setting is also

popular for birding, photography, and nature walks.

Morrison Springs Park
Morrison Springs Kayaker

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