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We LOVE Our Four Legged Visitors!

We love our furry visitors and welcome them with their family! To show our love, we have opened our complimentary pet wash and drying facilities located adjacent to our laundry facility! We have also opened "Central Bark", our off lead dog park so the fur babies can have a run and stretch their legs! It may be just the thing to revitalize your furry friend after a long day on the road.

Ya' just gotta have rules . . .

Like most Australians and Americans, we just love cats, dogs and friendly wombats. However, the confines of an RV park (and the insistence of our insurers) means we must have rules.


Please check that your furry friends comply before booking or checking in.

If you are the proud owner of a Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Wolf Hybrid or Dingo (or part thereof) then, sadly, you will need to find another park. If your furry friend is unsuited to park life we can recommend a nearby boarding facility.


Other breeds are welcome provided:

  • they are not aggressive

  • all their vaccinations are current

  • they are not disturbing other guests.


All pets must be under your control and on a maximum of 6ft leash when outside your camper or tent.

If your dog is tied up outside your RV then you need to be with it.

Please don't leave your dog unattended.

As a courtesy to your neighbors please don't leave your dog in your RV if it barks or cries when lonely.

It is the owner's responsibility to pick up after your dog (or wombat!)

To assist in this downside of pet ownership we provide doggy bags, so please ask for a complimentary Pet Pack at the office.

Please adhere to these simple rules.

We want your pet (and you) to enjoy Outback Springs!


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